• Annie Varner

Creating your own library at home

My people suffer for lack of knowledge!

Go to the word saints! Search for scriptures containing knowledge, and you will see that God wants his children to be wise. He doesn't want us to be dumb or be a fool. He doesn't want us to suffer for the lack thereof (Hosea 4:6). We must be wise saints! Especially in these perilous times. We can no longer ignore knowledge. We must embrace it. God wants us to be knowledgeable about his word. Let me share a little something with you. I have my library, a collection of books that help me to live my best life according to the Word of God. Do you have a library? Do you have a collection of works that enable you to live a good life? If your library does not serve you, then it works against you saints. I challenge you to create a library today that edifies your walk with Christ.

Be blessed saints!

Rev. Varner

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