• Annie Varner

A prayer against COVID 19

Prayer changes things – A prayer against COVID-19

Thank you, Lord, for grace over this virus. Thank you, grace has kept us thus far, and it will lead us to victory. Lord, help me to be strong now and not be afraid that will put me on top of the situation.

COVID19, we come against you in Jesus's mighty name. Now show respect for the righteous, stop at the gate, you can not pass through. I decree and declare you will bow to God's Word. I decree and declare your assignment must stop and do not come near my family because you are defeated. I command you to stay away, not only do I speak defeat to you COVID 19, but I place boundaries on you in the name of Jesus! You are not permitted to attack my family, friends, or God's people in the mighty name of Jesus nor me! I take dominion over you, COVID 19. You are defeated. The blood is against you, and your attack can not stand.

Lord, you set over the storm, over the flood, and we bind COVID 19 in the mighty name of Jesus. Father, help us. We are declaring victory now. We put the blood over our neighborhood, our community, our city. Lord, let the four winds blow the virus right into the sea, in Jesus's name. Where it shows up, it will die right away in Jesus's name. COVID19, we shall see the end of you, you will not see the end of me in Jesus name.

This prayer came forth from CNS Pastor Prince, now please pass it on.

God will protect us. Amen

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